Capaian Pembelajaran Program (PLO)



Program Learning Outcome (PLO)
Subject-specific competences:
BP-1Have gained physics relevant knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences.
BP-2Have gained in-depth and well-balanced knowledge of essential concepts on classical and modern physics.
BP-3Have gained knowledge of concepts and principles on basic programming, computational physics,
instrumentation, and information and communication technology.
BP-4Be able to utilize basic principles of experimentation, use modern physics measurement methods,
and in a position to assess the significance of results correctly
BP-5Be able to utilize standard methodologies to solve physics-related problems and their implementation
in other contexts and situations.
BP-6Have gained physics-related skill and knowledge on business and management.
Generic competences:
BP-7Be able to plan and carry out research as a scientific investigation to solve a problem independently
and present it as a scientific work.
BP-8Be able to obtain, process, interpret, and evaluate scientific data and draw a meaningful conclusion
by considering scientific and technological aspects as well as scientific ethics.
Social competences:
BP-9Be able to write the results of scientific studies in the form of theses and/or other scientific reports,
communicate with colleagues from the related field and general public on physics-related contents
and problems, and use the foreign language in a cross-cultural frame as a lifelong learner.
BP-10Have gained knowledge of physics-related professional standards, principles and ethics and exhibit
responsible attitudes for work in their field.
BP-11Be able to work independently or as a part of a team.
BP-12Have gained social skills and knowledge as well as responsible attitudes and leaderships and
implement them in a professional setting.