Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Bachelor of Physics Education (BPE)

Programme Learning Outcomes of the Bachelor of Physics Education

Codes of PLO
Description of PLO
Subject-specific competences
BPE-1Have gained Physics relevant knowledge of mathematics, statistics, electronics, computational physics, language and natural sciences.
BPE-2Have gained in-depth and well-balanced knowledge of essential concepts, principles, laws and theories of physics (i.e. mechanics, thermodynamics, elecriticity and magnetism, wave and optics, earth and space science, and modern physics).
BPE-3Have gained competences in the learning theory, the concepts of the curriculum in the physics teaching and learning, methods and learning strategy in physics, lesson plan of physics, development of teaching material, media, assessment, and development of physic laboratory tools at schools.
BPE-4Be able to work independently by implementing occupational health and safety concepts and regulations in the laboratory, environment, and industry.
BPE-5Able to apply scientific methods in physics and physics education.
BPE-6Have gained theories of fundamental learning of pedagogical content knowledge in physics.
BPE-7Have skills in planning, applying, and assessing ICT based physics learning process.
Generic competences
BPE-8Be able to plan and carry out research as a scientific investigation to solve a problem independently and present it as a scientific work.
BPE-9Be able to obtain, process, interpret, and evaluate scientific data and draw a meaningful conclusion by considering scientific and technological aspects as well as scientific ethics.
Social competences
BPE-10Be able to communicate with colleagues from the related field and general public on physics education-related contents and problems, and use the foreign language in a cross-cultural frame as a lifelong learner.
BPE-11Have gained knowledge of physics education-related professional standards, principles and ethics and exhibit responsible attitudes for work in their field.
BPE-12Be able to work independently or as a part of a team.
BPE-13Have gained social skills and knowledge as well as responsible attitudes and leaderships and implement them in a professional setting.